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We stock a wide variety of centrifugal upblast exhaust fans and filtered intake make-up air fans as well as belts, motors, grease filters and grease boxes. We primarily stock CaptiveAire equipment ranging from 400 CFM to 6000 CFM, but we can also engineer a special order fan to help you fulfill those unique requirements. Fans are available for pick up at our warehouse in North West Houston, TX or they can be shipped directly to you.

Exhaust Fans

Centrifugal Upblast

  • Range from 400 to 20,000 CFM
  • Available in Belt Drive with adjustable pulley, Direct Drive with variable speed control or High Pressure
  • High efficiency and low tip speed provide quite operation
  • All sizes can be roof top or wall mounted
  • Emergency disconnect comes standard on all units
  • Excellent for ALL cooking environments
  • Aluminum construction standard, also available in steel for high temperature environments


  • Range from 125 to 70,000 CFM
  • High pressure capabilities with straight thru air flow
  • Belt driven with variable pitch motor or Direct drive allowing for field adjustment and balancing
  • Housing is constructed of heavy gauge steel, continuously welded, with multiple access doors for cleaning
  • Wheels are backward inclined, non-overloading, and statically and dynamically balanced

Utility Sets

  • Range from 200 to 29,100 CFM
  • Designed for high temperature, heavy grease environments
  • Virtually grease free rooftops
  • Clean-out door with bolts for easy access
  • 2" grease drain with grease box
  • UL 762 Listed for restaurant duty
  • Vented motor housing with externally mounted disconnect switch with maintenance

Make-Up Air Fans

Rooftop Filtered

  • Range from 2 to 22,000 CFM
  • Removeable lid on top for equipment servicing
  • Available as a modular unit to add heating and cooling to your make-up air
  • Capable of handling high air volume
  • Filtered intake prevents debris from entering your kitchen

Inline Filtered

  • Range from 1 - 7,000 CFM
  • Belt driven with variable pitch motor or Direct drive allowing for field adjustment and balancing
  • 2" washable filters to prevent debris from entering your kitchen
  • Perfect for indoor installation
  • Easy accessibility to all components for inspection, maintenance and cleaning

Modular Packed Units (Conditioned Air)

  • Range from 2 - 22,000 CFM
  • High efficiency nominal 14 SEER rating condensers
  • Pre-Piped, vacuum tested linesets/coils charged with R-410A

    The Modular Packaged Unit (MPU) is designed to be a factory packaged air conditioning and heating unit for 100% Outdoor Air (OA) applications. Units are sized to operate between 360 to 600 cfm/ton of cooling, depending on climate.

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