Accuvent: Leading the way in commercial ventilation expertise

Accuvent is a leader in Houston’s commercial ventilation industry. For decades, Accuvent has provided the Greater Houston area restaurants, and other commercial kitchen owners with expert ventilation solutions, professional installations, and premium quality equipment.

Ventilation Experts in Houston

We are a dedicated team of ventilation experts with over 60 years of combined ventilation experience in commercial kitchens in the Greater Houston area. We understand our clients’ ventilation needs and provide them with a high performing ventilation package that meets their budget.

We strive to complete our work with a high degree of competency and integrity. This is why we have become the best option for anyone who is planning a restaurant, cafeteria, chemical lab, manufacturing facility, hospital, public venue, nursing home, or any other facility that requires exhaust ventilation and/or HVAC.

We have successfully completed hundreds of ventilation systems each year with some of the largest companies such as Landrys, Texas Children’s Hospital, Lubys, Harris County Correctional Facility, Marriott Hotels, Tradition Senior Living, Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavilion, Texas A&M, and many more.

Our business has grown because of repeat business and referrals from our customers,
for whom we are thankful! Give us a call today and let our dedicated team help design your ventilation solution.

Serving The Greater Houston Area

Accuvent is at the forefront of providing commercial ventilation services to the Greater Houston and surrounding areas. For years, the company has served its clients’ diverse ventilation needs including:

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Top Services

Accuvent is a leading service provider of commercial kitchen exhaust ventilation and HVAC systems in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas. The company has a team of licensed, professional, and well-trained personnel who are responsible for providing a high performing ventilation system that fits our clients budget. Over the years, the team has established good working relationships with end-users, builders, engineers/architects, dealers, and manufacturers by helping them solve unique ventilation challenges as well as value engineering systems to fit both the project’s application and its budget requirements. This is why Accuvent is regarded as the top choice by many for the following services.

Exhaust Hoods

The kitchen is the backbone of any restaurant, and without proper ventilation, that kitchen cannot function. It is for this reason, Accuvent works directly with each customer to make sure they deliver high quality, well-performing, and efficient system designed specifically to fit their location and operational needs. All systems are designed and built to meet current UMC, IMC, IECC, NFPA, and local codes. From standard Canopy hoods to custom-built Low Proximity hoods, Accuvent has a solution for you.

Exhaust Fans

When your exhaust fan goes down and your kitchen starts filling up with smoke, there is no time to waste in getting a replacement fan installed. This is why in addition to our service department, we stock a wide variety of upblast exhaust fans, from low CFM DU33, to high CFM, high-pressure DU85HP’s, we have the replacement fan you need along with an array of belts, pulleys, bearings, and more to repair your equipment back to near new condition.

HVAC System

With over 100 days a year above 90 degrees and an annual humidity rate of 75%, it is exceptionally important to have good quality and dependable HVAC systems in the Houston area. Accuvent has established relationships with the leading HVAC manufacturers like York, Lennox, Carrier, and Trane to provide high-quality, affordable, heating, cooling, and dehumidification solutions to all of their customers.

Make Up Air Fans

Essential to any commercial kitchen, your Make-up Air fan returns up to 80% of the air removed by the hood system. Without this critical piece of equipment, your kitchen enters negative pressure causing comfortable, conditioned air to be exhausted, and untempered, humid air to enter the space every time a door or window is opened. Also, this can cause mosquitos, flies, and other small pests to enter with the in-rush of hot, humid air. This can result in increased electric bills, shorter life of the HVAC units, and can even make it difficult to open the front door. Available in both tempered and untempered configurations.

Experience design at scale

Providing you with expert solutions that fits your demands and budget is our top priority.

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Accuvent is licensed by the State of Texas and has a team of well-trained and experienced technicians who are tasked to provide customers with the highest level of service possible.