Exhaust Fans: Direct Drive Exhaust

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Service Introduction

The direct drive exhaust fan is a variation on the centrifugal upblast fan. With the fan blades mounted directly to the motor, these fans are capable of achieving increased energy efficiency while reducing the maintenance cost of belts, pulleys, and bearings. With the addition of an inverter duty rated motor the speed of these fans can be digitally controlled with a VFD, ECM, POT, or even your BMS.



  • Commercial kitchens – Any commercial kitchen with a vent hood requires an exhaust fan to remove the smoke and grease from the air stream. Centrifugal upblast fans and the most economical solution while still providing excellent performance.
  • Fume hoods – Much like the Type I hoods the Type II or Fume Hoods also require an exhaust fan to pull the air through the hood and out of the building.
  • Direct venting – Some equipment requires direct venting such as ovens, smoke pits, soldering tables, and other specialty pieces of equipment. Centrifugal upblast fan is an economical, lightweight, and easy to install solutions to direct venting needs.


The Direct-Drive exhaust fan is not only economical, reliable, lightweight, and easy to install like its belt is driven counterpart but it’s also capable of digital integration and automated speed control with the use of a VFD, ECM, POT, or BMS. Perfect for almost all situations these units come available in a vast array of sizes, voltages, and airflow rates.

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