Perforated Supply Plenum (PSP)

The Supply Plenum keeps the temperature in your kitchen bearable even during the warmest days.


The Perforated Supply Plenum is the most efficient way of returning air into the space it is being exhausted from. Initially designed to be mounted directly to a hood, the PSP now also comes in a DIPSP option that can be placed into any 24” x 24” drop ceiling frame. The PSP features a double layer of perforated steel that slows the discharge air velocity allowing it to mix with the effluent air from the cooking surface and exhaust out through the hood. This method also creates an air curtain in front of your hood helping to maintain the HVAC air throughout the rest of the kitchen.



  • Commercial kitchen spaces- when large amounts of air are exhausted from the cook line, the PSP allows make-up air to be introduced where it’s most effective.
  • Industries and factories- fume hoods can benefit from make-up air to help contain their effluent air. This is best done with a PSP to introduce low-velocity air at the hood.
  • Warewashing- Large dishwashing machines require large dish hoods and can throw the building out of balance if make-up air is not introduced.
  • Building balance – when the building is in a large negative balance, the DIPSP in combination with a DOAS can restore air balance and lower humidity levels.


Over the years the methods used to return air into an exhaust space have changed from short-circuiting to front face and down-discharge, eventually migrating to back returns before landing on the PSP or Perforated Supply Plenum, which is in use on over 90 percent of commercial hood systems today.  The PSP and DIPSP allow air to enter the space at a very low velocity preventing smoke roll-out, and negative building pressure.

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