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Rooftop Filtered

Rooftop filtered make-up air fans are the most common way of returning the air exhausted by your vent hood. These units are curb mounted on the roof, come with washable metal filters, and are available in a wide range of sizes, orientations and capacity.

Inline Filtered

The Inline filtered make-up air fan is the sister to rooftop filtered version. These units are suspended in the ceiling with a straight through air flow design. They come with vibration isolators, washable metal filters, and are available in the same wide range of sizes, orientations and capacity as the rooftop versions. Perfect for high rise buildings, historic buildings, or anywhere roof penetrations are not acceptable.

Modular Packaged Unit

The Modular Package Unit (MPU) is an innovation in make-up air technology. This system is capable of cooling the incoming air up to 15 degrees while maintaining energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Their modular design means these units can even be retrofitted into existing Rooftop and Inline make-up air fans minimizing the cost of upgrading existing systems.

Direct Drive Exhaust

The direct drive exhaust fan is the most energy efficient model available. These models remove the typical maintenance cost and downtime associated with belt and bearing replacements while providing precise speed control. When paired with a variable frequency drive (VFD) or electronic control module (ECM), these fans can be digitally controlled and easily automated to adjust to your ever changing cook load.

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