Service and Repair: getting the most out of your equipment

We will provide you with the most efficient maintenance and repair service for your equipment set-up.


When your kitchen ventilation shuts down, your kitchen shuts down, and this can be detrimental to your service, and reputation. Accuvent offers a wide variety of services including repair work and preventative maintenance to not only get your equipment back up and running, but also minimize any future down time. Our technicians will not only repair what is already broken, but they will help you evaluate your system to find the inefficiencies as well as identify any potential future failures before they occur. Our service department can also perform retrofits to update your existing system with the latest technology without the hassle, downtime, and expense of a full system replacement. 

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Accuvent offers a large variety of services to maintain your ventilation system whether your system is a basic mechanical system, or is a more technologically advanced system with modulating air volumes and temperature controls. Below are just a few of the service we offer:

These services are designed to maximise the life of your equipment, and give you the peace of mind that your equipment is functioning in its best possible condition.


Having a well functioning ventilation system and balanced building is essential for not only a happy efficient workforce, but it is also a pivotal part of your establishment’s ambiance. Accuvent can not only get your equipment back up and running, but keep it running year after year.

If your equipment needs repair, or you just feel like the system is not running as it should be, give us a call today and one of our friendly technicians will evaluate, diagnose and repair your system for a fair and honest price.