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Exhaust Fan Services

Centrifugal Upblast

The Centrifugal upblast exhaust fans are the most common vent hood exhaust fan used today. Made of an aluminum, lightweight body, these units are robust, efficient, and very cost effective. These units are curb mounted on the roof, come with hinge kits, grease boxes, service disconnect, and are available in a wide range of sizes, orientations and capacity.

Inline Exhaust

When rooftop penetrations are not an option the inline exhaust fan is your solution. Constructed with a water tight enclosure, integral grease drain, external disconnect, and installed with vibration isolators, the inline fan can handle almost any ventilation situation from water wash hoods, to direct vented ovens.

Utility Sets

Heavy duty cooking requires a heavy duty fan, and whether you're cooking dozens of burgers, or flame broiling your cuts of meat you want a fan that can keep up with your demand. The Utility sets are constructed of heavy gauge steel, high temperature bearings, spring mounted vibration isolators, and a motor that's placed outside of the air stream. These features allow the utility sets to withstand the highest of cooking temperatures and most acidic smoke and creasotes to provide you with lasting performance year after year.

Direct Drive Exhaust

The direct drive exhaust fan is the most energy efficient model available. These models remove the typical maintenance cost and downtime associated with belt and bearing replacements while providing precise speed control. When paired with a variable frequency drive (VFD) or electronic control module (ECM), these fans can be digitally controlled and easily automated to adjust to your ever changing cook load.

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