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The Canopy Hood can be used with different types of cooking equipment.


Canopy hoods come in two types: a Type I, characterized by its grease filters, plenum, and integrated grease drain; these hoods are designed for standard cooking and grease application. And Type II, which is designed to cover steam, vapor, and other non-grease applications such as dish machines, some ovens, steam kettles, etc. Type I hoods are used to remove the grease-laden effluent air produced by the cooking process. This air is passed through specially designed filters to remove the majority of the grease particulate before entering the duct system.
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The welded duct system contains the air until it reaches the exhaust fan and is discharged into the atmosphere thus removing the dirt, grease air from your building entirely, and capturing the contaminants along the way.
Type II hoods, commonly referred to as fume hoods, are used to capture, contain, and remove any non-grease, non-combustible particulates. Ranging from steam kettles and dish machines to welding stations and paint booths the Type II hood provides an economic solution for any non-grease applications.


Canopy hoods have played a significant role in the safety of the commercial kitchen and restaurant industry for many years. Over the decades, many enhancements and technological improvements have been made to canopy hoods increasing their airflow and grease capturing efficiency as well as lowering the heat they transmit to space. Canopy hoods are essential for a range of businesses including:

  • Commercial restaurants – Used to remove the grease-laden air from the cookline, as well as steam from the dish machine area.
  • Factories – Used to control the fumes, sometimes combustible, produced by different pieces of equipment ensuring a safe, healthy working environment.
  • Manufacturing industries – Whether food manufacturing or just general goods, Canopy hoods can cover a variety of equipment used in the manufacturing process.

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